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Q       How do I register for adult classes?
A        You can register by mail or by phone:
          Eastland-Fairfield Adult Workforce Development
          4300 Amalgamated Place
          Groveport, OH 43125
          (614) 836-4541
Q       How can I receive a copy of my transcript?
A        Download a Transcript Request Form from the Adult Workforce Development section of our District Website at Mail the completed Transcript Request Form to:
          Adult Workforce Development Center
          4300 Amalgamated Place
          Groveport, OH 43125-9236
          Attn: Transcript Requests
Q       What are the deadlines for registering for classes?
A        Please register as soon as possible after you decide which course you would like to take. Space is limited in many of our classes. One to two weeks prior to the scheduled start date, we check class enrollment to determine if enough students have registered for the class.
Q       Who can enroll in Adult Training classes?
A        Eastland-Fairfield Adult Education students must be 18 years or older. We cannot accept a registration request from a student who is currently enrolled in, or could be enrolled in, a secondary school program.
Q       What is the refund policy?
A        Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools reserves the right to cancel or delay the opening of any credentialed program.  Reasons for cancellation or delay might include, but are not limited to, the number of students who have completed the registration requirements, and/or concerns regarding illness, safety, equipment, or construction, among other extenuating circumstances.  When the Adult Workforce Development Director decides that a program will be cancelled or postponed, the school will make every effort to notify registered students.  If Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools cancels or delays the start of a credentialed program, the school will refund all monies received for the cost of the program.
The amount charged for withdrawal from a full-time credentialed program is determined by the number of scheduled days enrolled.  After the tenth day that the class was scheduled to meet, students owe 100% of the program cost.  Prior to the eleventh day of scheduled class, the amount owed is shown in the following table.
Scheduled Days Enrolled
Program Cost Owed
1 day
no cost
2-5 days
books, supplies, materials per program
6-10 days
50% of program cost
11+ days
100% of program cost
Refunds of payments received by cash, check or money order will be paid by mailed check, to the payer of said payment.  Payments made by Visa or MasterCard will be refunded to the same Visa or MasterCard account.  Refunds will be processed within 45 days of withdrawal notification.
Withdrawal Policy
Non-attendance does not constitute an official withdrawal.  Students planning to withdraw must notify the Adult Workforce Development Office to complete a Program Withdrawal Form.  After withdrawal notification is received, the Billing Office will determine the account status based on the number of days the student was enrolled, payments received on the student’s account, and any student financial aid awarded.  Students with a balance owed to the school will be mailed an invoice within 30 days of the withdrawal notification.  Students with a credit balance will be refunded all monies owed according to the refund policy for full-time credentialed programs, and if applicable, in accordance with the Federal Return of Title IV regulations.  Note:  Withdrawn students who have borrowed federal student loan money must arrange a loan exit interview with the Financial Aid Administrator. 
          To receive a tuition refund for short term classes:
·         A full refund will be issued if the school cancels the class.
·         Full refund, minus $20 processing fee – Students must withdraw in writing no later than five working days prior to the first scheduled class date.
·         50% refund – Students must withdraw prior to the second scheduled class date.
Refunds of payments received by cash, check or money order will be paid by mailed check, to the payer of said payment. Payments made by Visa or MasterCard will be refunded to the same Visa or MasterCard account. Refunds will be processed within 45 days of withdrawal notification.
Q       Which programs qualify for Financial Aid?
A        Students in these full-time training programs can seek financial aid:
·         Basic Police Officer Training
·         CNC Machining
·         Dental Assisting
·         Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioing (HVAC) 
·         Medical Assisting
·         Multicraft Maintenance
·         Welding
Q       Can I obtain financial aid to attend Eastland-Fairfield Adult Training classes?
A        Yes. Financial Aid is available through a variety of sources for qualified individuals in full-time programs. Our financial aid officer can determine your eligibility. Contact the financial aid officer at (614) 836-4541 ext. 1535.
Q       Can I take the official High School Equivalence Diploma at an Eastland-Fairfield Adult Training facility?
A        Yes, you can. Please call (614) 836-4541 for more information about test locations and registration.
Q       How do I register for free ASPIRE classes?
A        To register for free ASPIRE classes to prepare for the High School Equivalene Diploma, call (614) 836-4541 for information.
Q       Is Eastland-Fairfield Adult Training accredited?
A        The programs of Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools are approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education.  The school’s full-time career programs also receive separate national and state accreditation based on self-study, visit review and ongoing assessment processes.
Q       What requirements must be completed to receive a certificate for attending a class?
A        To receive a certificate, students must attend 90% of a course’s scheduled classes, and they must have satisfactorily completed the required work in the class.
Q       Do students receive certifications or certificates of completion for attending classes?
A        All students who complete the requirements of an Eastland-Fairfield Adult Training class receive a certificate of completion. In addition, for many classes the curriculum is designed to prepare students to take optional national and state certification exams.
Q       How can I find public transportation to the Career Centers?
A        Students must provide their own transportation, or take public transportation to attend classes at our Adult Workforce Development Center, Eastland Career Center, Fairfield Career Center, and off-site locations.
Q       Where can I find directions to Eastland and Fairfield Career Centers?
A        Our web site and our catalog include a map to find either of our career centers.
          Eastland Career Center is just south of the U.S. Route 33 South and Hamilton Road inter-change, close to the Ricart auto dealership.
          Fairfield Career Center is just east of U.S. Route 33 South, off Coonpath Road, in Carroll. The facility is five minutes north of Lancaster, and fifteen minutes south of Columbus.
Q       Does a COTA bus route run close to the Eastland Career Center?
A        Yes, a COTA bus route does run by the school. Please contact COTA for more information about route numbers and the bus schedule, as they are subject to change.
Q       What are the qualifications for becoming an instructor for Eastland-Fairfield Adult Training?
A        Adult Training instructors must meet certification requirements set by the State of Ohio. In doing so, they receive a one-year certificate that enables them to teach at a particular school system. Generally, Adult instructors must:
·         Have a minimum of seven years’ experience in the area they will be teaching
·         Provide proof of a negative TV test result
·         Pass a background check by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation
·         Participate in professional development courses and seminars
Q       Does Eastland-Fairfield Adult Training provide career counseling?
A        Yes. A certified counselor is on staff to provide assistance with barrier resolution and guidance for the adult learner.
Q       Does Eastland-Fairfield Adult Training offer on-line classes?
A        No. Eastland-Fairfield Adult Workforce Development does not offer on-line classes.